Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Golfing with dad. 

445 am and ready to take on the day.

Baby Char

Norah was furiously screaming on the trip back from Bartlesville, Charlotte started cooing and trying to cheer her up.

Our EXCELLENT eater.

Hello, I'm Charlotte and I'm POTTY TRAINED! Woot!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Charlotte had a birthday!

Charlotte turned two and I have yet to post about it. She had a great quiet birthday dinner with her grandma, grandpa, Kyle, and Logan. This birthday's huge present was a cedar play set. It has taken poor Aaron several weeks to assemble with the help of Char's godfather. I think I might be more excited about the playhouse portion than Charlotte. Charlotte has already proven her braveness exceeds mine by leaps and bounds. She is always requesting to "go HIGHER" on her swing and skillfully climbs the ladder to her playhouse while counting, "one, two, three, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten!" There are five steps but that's neither here nor there. Charlotte has learned her full name and is very helpful with Norah by either wiping spit up off her face, giving her a pacifier, or a myriad of other motherly activities that seem to come naturally to her. 

Norah is growing fast and "talking" a lot. She is an extremely smiley baby and has started taking a pacifier. Life has been a lot happier for everyone since the inception of the pacifier. She rolled from her back to her front yesterday.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Norah's first laugh

Unfortunately, no picture or video. I didn't even get to witness it due to being at work, but Aaron tells me she laughed at him just smiling at her.

Char has become accustomed to hollering "Norah Maaaae!"  throughout the house, And is now getting a lot better with manners. She'll say please, thank you, and welcome. Charlotte's birthday is rapidly approaching. I will take and post pictures of Charlotte's birthday present. It's a good'un.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Visits and the inevitable return to work

As my return to work nears, I thought I'd attempt a blog update. Norah is fantastic. She has been smiling a lot lately and has been cooing, mostly at her Aunt Kristy. She really warmed to Mark as well upon grandma Lorri and Mark's visit this weekend. I cannot emphasize what a wonderful sister Charlotte has been. Whenever Norah opens her eyes following a nap, Charlotte is the first to crouch down and cheerfully chirp, "morning!" If Norah cries when Charlotte is out of the room, Charlotte will begin running to her aid, worriedly exclaiming, "Norah?! Norah?!" Norah loves watching the blur that is her big sister and is finally getting better at holding her head up (with the occasional traumatic forehead-to- mom's-clavicle episode).  are incredibly blessed to have such sweet babies.