Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Years

It's 3:13 am and I'm currently hour 3 into my 30 hour shift over this holiday. Luckily, none of the drunks have hurt themselves (yet) so I figured I'd update this poor neglected blog.

Aaron is currently home with the sweet girls. Charlotte has been really enjoying watching movies when she's home with mom and dad. Today, her favorite is The Little Mermaid. I must mention that her dethroned favorite was Pocahontas (Pocus-hontus, as she calls it). Charlotte is clearly a neglected child as she's started to say "That's enough kisses!" at least once a day. She's very good with her sister and is slowly learning to not snatch things from her darling sister's hands. She is extremely good at putting together her 40 some odd piece puzzle. She has also started to cheek her food. For hours. At Huser Christmas, we finally left at 630 in the evening. Charlotte began crying that she didn't like broccoli. We finally get home and she asks, "Can I spit out my broccoli?" Girlfriend had that broccoli in her mouth to FIVE HOURS through cupcakes and punch. Blegh!

Moving on... Norah Mae is officially walking. She has been taking 5-10 steps at a time with adorable deliberate stomps. She also has begun teething times 5 teeth. She has been tolerating it like a trooper and we are loving the teeny tiny toothy smiles. She had her first birthday last month and has become somewhat attached to her new moose, Mike. She also has decided that she is much too old for baby food and must eat what we are eating. She has also started to show signs of being a climber. She may have been a little later on the walking but she is crawling on everything, terrifying this helicopter parent. She falls more than I'd like and rebounds like any child with an elder sibling.

Here's hoping 2015 is half as good as 2014.

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  1. I loved every piece of this post:
    THIRTY HOURS? Godspeed, Sister.
    You *do* remember that I used to put food in my cheeks for hours way up through elementary school, don't you? Good luck to you.
    I can't believe Norah is walking! I'm really not sure I can allow that.
    And the photos. I'm dyyyyyying.